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Combat the Heat and Boost Productivity with Our High-Performance Misting Fan Solutions.

Our expertly engineered misting fans provide targeted cooling for even the most demanding environments. Whether you’re managing a sweltering warehouse or ensuring worker comfort on a construction site, our robust selection offers a proven solution to combat heat stress.

These industrial-grade misting fans combine powerful airflow with a refreshing misting system, creating a more comfortable and productive work area. Our diverse range allows you to choose the optimal setup for your specific needs, ensuring efficient cooling across large spaces.

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Commercial Misting Fan

Looking for ways to keep your outdoor spaces comfortable for customers and employees, even on scorching days? Look no further than commercial misting fans! YouMist offers a simple and effective solution to combat extreme temperatures in Australia.

Our powerful misting fans are perfect for a variety of outdoor settings, including:


    • Hospitality: Create a refreshing area for guests at outdoor cafes, restaurants, patios, and gardens.
    • Events: Enhance the experience at sports venues, stadiums, entertainment areas, and outdoor weddings.

Industrial Misting Fan

Tired of battling extreme temperatures in your industrial facility? Our high-pressure misting fans are designed to conquer heat, humidity, and dryness, creating a more comfortable and productive work environment year-round.

Here’s how YouMist misting fans can benefit your business:

    • Instant Cooling: Reduce ambient temperature by up to 12°C for a noticeable difference in comfort.
    • Increased Productivity: Cooler workspaces lead to happier, more productive employees.
    • Versatility: Effective in hot, humid, or dry conditions, making them ideal for various industrial settings.

Dust Control Misting Systems

Beat the heat and create a cool, refreshing area for your patio, outdoor restaurant, or event with YouMist’s portable misting fans!  These cost-effective systems offer a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning, while instantly lowering the ambient temperature by up to 12°C.

Here’s why YouMist portable misting fans are the perfect solution:

    • Affordable Cooling: Enjoy significant cost savings compared to traditional AC.
    • Instant Comfort: Experience a noticeable drop in temperature for a more enjoyable outdoor space.
    • Perfect for Patios, Restaurants & Events: Create a refreshing atmosphere for guests and customers.\
    • Simple & Effective: Easy to install and maintain, offering a hassle-free cooling solutio

FAQ: Misting Fan

What is a misting fan?

A misting fan combines a traditional fan with a misting system, creating a cooling effect by dispersing a fine spray of water into the air. As the mist evaporates, it absorbs heat, lowering the air temperature around the fan.

How does a misting fan work?

Misting fans work by pumping water through a pressurised system that expels it through nozzles in a fine spray. The mist evaporates quickly, cooling the surrounding air without leaving surfaces wet.

How much water does a misting fan use?

Water usage depends on the fan size and operating settings. Some smaller, portable misting fans use a few litres per hour, while larger, commercial-grade fans might use more due to their capacity to cover larger areas.

How do I maintain my misting fan?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the nozzles to prevent clogging, checking hoses and connections for leaks, and ensuring the water source is clean to avoid mineral build-up. Always refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions.


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