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Misting Systems

We manufacture water cooling stations, portable misting fans and dust control machines. Our high-pressure water misting machines are designed for commercial and industrial purposes.

What Is A Water Mist System?

High-pressure misting systems produce atomized water droplets that disperse into the atmosphere, which can assist in the following applications:

These high-pressure water misting systems have proven to be an effective solution for humidification and cooling. Our well-designed misting machine is cost-effective and has low ongoing maintenance.

1300 006 478

Well-Designed Misting Machines

Our expert team will support you with the right advice for the most effective solution in designing your application.


Innovative System

Control our misting system through the smart application compatible with Apple iOS and Android.


Online Support

Have questions on how to use our system? We are here to support our customers 24/7.


Affordable Price

We provide customers with the best solution at the most affordable price.

Misting Machine Featured Projects

Research has shown that high-pressure water misting systems are more effective than conventional methods in cooling outdoor locations such as balconies, greenhouses, cafes, restaurants, dining areas and outdoor entertaining areas.

Misting machines can increase employee productivity and improve hot indoor and outdoor working conditions.

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Misting Machine iOS And Android App

Our smart misting machines can be controlled via a mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The water misting system is connected using Bluetooth and can be programmed to activate via several timer settings including:

  • Non stop spraying (Run continuously)
  • Simple timer settings
  • Advanced timer settings

What people are saying

100% customer satisfaction!

"It’s been 3 weeks since installation and our customers at our cafe love how effective it is. It actually works! Even on hot days, our customers sit outside comfortably. Thank you, Matt and the Youmist team :)"

Mary Marks

"Matt was really helpful and the whole process was very smooth.. best cooling and misting systems for hospitality facilities."

Robert Mount

"Very helpful and gave me genuine advice on which misting system works for my warehouse and factory, very happy with the service."

Ian Souza

We can't wait for summer to enjoy our new BBQ area!

Joan Marks

No more stinking hot days in the factory, looking forward to it

Raymond Souza

Well designed system, user friendly and good for entertaining guests

Maggie Stalk

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