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Welcome to Youmist, where innovation meets versatility in the world of advanced misting systems. Our solutions are tailored to enhance environments across various applications such as Cooling, humidification, dust control, odour management, and creating stunning special effects.

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What is a Youmist Misting System?

A misting system from Youmist transforms water into ultra-fine droplets, creating a mist that serves multiple purposes. It’s an ingenious blend of precision and efficiency, designed to improve air quality, control temperature and humidity, suppress dust and odours, and add a touch of magic to special events.


Versatile Applications, Endless Possibilities

  • Cooling: Beat the heat and create comfortable outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Humidification: Maintain optimal humidity levels for health, comfort, and process control.
  • Dust Suppression & Control: Keep airborne dust at bay, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment.
  • Odour Control: Neutralise unpleasant odours, enhancing the quality of air.
  • Special Effects: Add a dramatic flair to events with mesmerising mist effects.

Well-Designed Misting Machines

Our expert team will support you with the right advice for the most effective solution in designing your application.


Innovative System

Control our misting system through the smart application compatible with Apple iOS and Android.


Online Support

Have questions on how to use our system? We are here to support our customers 24/7.


Affordable Price

We provide customers with the best solution at the most affordable price.

Misting Machine Featured Projects

Research has shown that high-pressure water misting systems are more effective than conventional methods in cooling outdoor locations such as balconies, greenhouses, cafes, restaurants, dining areas and outdoor entertaining areas.

Misting machines can increase employee productivity and improve hot indoor and outdoor working conditions.

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