Industrial Cooling Solutions

Cool Conditions For Increased Productivity

High pressure misting systems have proved to be effective against hot, humid & dry weather conditions within industrial facilities, improving staff morale and increasing work productivity.

Instantly cool the ambient temperature within the workspace by up to 12 degrees!

Youmist have been providing businesses throughout Australia with a simple solution, to help beat extreme temperatures within your workspace.

Talk to us today and we can guide you through a system that best suits your facility, to help cool down your space.

industrial misting

Highly Effective Evaporative Cooling

When pressurised water is released into the atmosphere, the tiny droplets are instantly atomised causing an event called “flash evaporation”. This then instantly creates a burst of fresh air throughout the space. Millions of water particles released into the atmosphere will gradually bring the room temperature down to a safer and more cooler working environment.

Providing your staff with better working conditions and increasing the work productivity.

Simple, Versatile Cooling Solution

Our simple cooling system is a layout of either a single, or multiple pumps spread across a space. We cater for all facilities and there’s no space too big or too small!

Our pumps are then connected to a series of fans spread across the space, which contain misting rings onto the fans. When connected to the high pressure pump, the misting rings project a light spray of water which enables the fan to project the mist to a greater distance. Allowing flash evaporation to occur and cooling down the room!

Our system can also be retrofitted to existing fans within your space which will reduce the initial expense of the installation.

Having fans spread evenly across an area where “hot spots” are our target, will decrease the room temperature by at least 10 degrees!

industrial cooling
industrial misting
industrial misting
industrial cooling

High Pressure Misting Without Wetting

Our high pressure misting technology uses a pump that pressurizes the water through the line and into the atmosphere at a water pressure of 1000 psi (6900 kpa). This then allows each water droplet to be projected at a size of 5 microns (5 thousands of a millimetre).

These droplets are so fine they evaporate almost immediately and do not create any wetting! When there is no airflow it would take a 5 micron water droplet about 20 minutes to hit the ground if it has not evaporated already.

A regular low pressure system which does not require a pump, projects a droplet size at 50 microns. The droplet will take 12 seconds to hit the ground and will create wetting without being able to evaporate once hitting the atmosphere.

Looking for a way to cool down your work space, keep your employees safe, and want to increase work productivity through the hot months of the year? Contact us today and one of our friendly staff can help you design the best and most affordable solution for your workplace!


Portable High Pressure Misting Fan

The JET360 system is a combination of ventilation and fogging, with double filtered 1-5 micron water is pressurized at 70 bar and distributed along pressure pipes, then sprayed through special patented high pressure nozzles as an extra thin mist.

This noiseless, elegant and efficient system blend in with most modern architecture designs.

Technical Features:

  • Fan: Radial 360°
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Flow rate: 529 m3/h
  • Speed: 1410 RPM
  • Power: 55 Watt
  • Dimensions: 53 cm x 18 cm
  • Nozzle qty: 8
  • Area coverage: 35sqm
  • Material: Aluminum, S.Steel

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