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Cool Down Your Outdoor Space

Our well thought out cooling station systems are the perfect solution for outdoor temperature control, where traditional air conditioning options are expensive or not feasible. Keep your public space cool and usable through the heat of summer.

Our cooling stations are a noiseless system, efficient and elegant designed to match most modern architecture styles.

Youmist have been providing businesses throughout Australia with effective cooling solutions for all kinds of spaces.

Talk to us today and we can guide you through a cooling system that best suits your space.

outdoor misting system
outdoor cooling system

Designed For Effective Outdoor Cooling

Setting up cooling stations has never been easier! Youmist’s cooling stations have been developed by technical experts and industrial designers to guarantee the best cooling system for outdoor areas when hot ambient temperatures occur.

The system is a combination of ventilation and fogging.

Our cooling station systems operate by the principle of evaporative cooling, creating a thin fog.

About 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide, they are stainless steel tubular structures with 60 mm diameter, self standing and very simple to install. Several models can be as single arch, half-arch, umbrella, column or double arc.

The stand base of our stations can be designed to be visible or hidden in the ground and fixed by expansion screws to the floor. Servicing is made easier and safer by the innovative tip base which allows comfortable maintenance operations without the need for ladders or laying positions.

Instant Outdoor Cooling

When pressurised water is released into the atmosphere, the tiny droplets are instantly atomised causing an event called “flash evaporation”. This then instantly creates a burst of fresh air throughout the space. Millions of water particles released into the atmosphere will gradually bring the surrounding area temperature down, to a safer and more cooler atmosphere.

Providing the public with cooler conditions and greater enjoyment of your recreational space.

outdoor cooling system

Does It Create Wetting?

The short answer is no!​

High pressure misting, requires a pump that pressurizes the water through the line and into the atmosphere at a water pressure of 1000 psi (6900 kpa).

The projected water droplets are so fine (5 microns) that they evaporate almost immediately and do not create any wetting. A regular low pressure system which does not require a pump, projects a droplet size at 50 microns.

If you are looking for a way to cool down your public space, keep patrons comfortable and want to increase public traffic through the hot months of the year, contact us today and one of our friendly staff members can help you design the ideal cooling solution for your space!


Our cooling stations are ideal for reducing temperatures in large public spaces. They are versatile and effectively reduce the risk and discomfort of extreme heat conditions.​

This innovative, versatile cooling solution is suitable for a range of large outdoor areas including:

  • Hotel grounds
  • Amusement parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Zoos
  • Golf clubs
  • Pools
  • Open air restaurants
  • Recreation parks
  • Shopping malls
  • Sport resorts
  • Beaches
outdoor misting
outdoor humidification
outdoor misting system

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