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Youmist is an industry leader in dust control and dust suppression manufacturing. We’ve delivered dust suppression solutions to small, medium and large businesses across Australia. Our innovative dust systems have been designed to create a healthy working environment for various industries including hospitality, mining and agriculture.


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Our dust suppression equipment is simple to use and is highly efficient at making your space dust-free. We offer high-quality systems that control dust efficiently while being cost-efficient. Our dust control and suppression systems are more effective than traditional systems that are available on the market.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is dust suppression?

Dust suppression refers to the use of liquid to restrict and suppress dust particles. This generally involves using water particles to capture dust particles and drive them into the ground so it doesn’t remain airborne.

Is dust suppression important in the mining industry?

Certainly, long-term exposure to dust can affect the health of workers and surrounding communities. We recommend using adequate dust suppression systems to control dust levels in the mining site.

How do I deal with warehouse dust?

One of the most popular ways to remove dust from a warehouse is to sweep and mop the floor. However, this method is highly inefficient when dealing with large warehouses. We would recommend installing a dust control suppression system to control the amount of dust within your warehouse.

Does spraying water help with dust?

Yes, water droplets can effectively suppress dust. When the water droplets and dust particles come into contact, the dust is driven into the ground and sealed to prevent fugitive dust. Tiny water droplets can travel a further distance and deliver control dust more efficiently.

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